Being a family company with an active lifestyle, we understand how important it is that a love of adventure doesn’t get in the way of sentimentality. The symbol of the love you choose to pass during your wedding is important, but that doesn’t mean it should get in the way of an active lifestyle.

We’re no strangers to the gym, and we commonly hear from family and friends how difficult it can be to keep their wedding rings in perfect condition. Their wedding rings were losing form, becoming damaged in some way, or were being lost. They would often have to remove the rings to keep their hands safe when working out at the gym.

After listening to these issues for a while, we decided that it was up to us to help come up with a solution. We realized that the best way to keep the marital symbol in your life is to change the material of the ring. Then, we decided to give away a few silicone rings to our friends and family and keep track of how it went for them. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! We realized that there was a real need for silicone rings. We started getting requests from people outside of the gym, firemen, mechanics, police officers, pregnant women, swimmers and more so we realized that it was time to build up RINFIT as the Ring That Fits YOUR Lifestyle.


Hello from Rinfit





As a company, we’ve been working from the very bottom to get where we are now. Starting as a business that catered to our friends and family has given us a personal touch, meaning you’re getting the best service around. It means that we know what you, as our client, have come to expect from us.

If you feel that we don’t have exactly what you want, then we can help tailor our experience and offers to your needs. This means that no matter what you feel you need or want, we’d like to hear about it. Our medical grade silicone rings often come with inscriptions that you and your loved one can decide on, along with a specially made luxury box to hold your new ring.