How we got our start? 

Like every woman, when picking her wedding rings Rinfit’s founder didn’t settle for just a “metal hoop” to put on her finger, she wanted a ring with style and unique design so we could wear it with pride and joy - She wanted a JEWEL!
But living an active lifestyle, she couldn’t help but notice that as much as she loves her wedding ring, it is just impossible for her to have the same comfort and risk-free feeling she has without the ring rather than she has when she wears it.
So, she looked for a “wedding ring replacement”. A ring that will seamlessly fit into her lifestyle without the risk of damaging or losing it, and she found one, she found a silicone ring! - Great, right? Well not so great… The idea of having a silicone ring is indeed great, but like she didn’t want to settle for a “metal hoop” for her real wedding ring, she didn’t’ want to settle on just a “silicone hoop” for her replacement ring as well. She wanted a ring with style, a ring that she would love to wear every day and look at during the day - She wanted a JEWEL! She wondered: “Who says that comfort and style cannot co-exist?” And that is how in 2015 she founded Rinfit - The Ring that Fits Your Lifestyle!
Rinfit rings combine comfort, durability, and safety with a unique, stylish, and fashionable high-end designs. They are design-patent protected, made from 100% high-quality silicone, AND have a variety of more than 30 different colors including metallic colors such as gold, silver, rose-gold, chrome, and bronze.
She designed her first silicone ring and took it for a “test drive”. When the compliments from her friends and co-workers on her ring started to pour in and the requests to get a similar ring kept arriving, she knew she needed to bring this to the world!

What makes our product unique?

Since 2015, Rinfit rings are known as the pioneers of silicone rings innovation that brought high-end patent-protected designs with high durability into the comfort of a silicone ring! Affordable without compromising on quality.

Why we love what we do?

We created Rinfit so men and women can live the lives they want without having to worry about damaging or losing their precious wedding ring.