Silicone Rings: Why You Should Get One


Silicone rings are here to stay!

Silicone rings
 are here to stay!

You might have seen your local fireman, welder, nurse, or even your friends wearing these rings and wondered, “What is the purpose of wearing them?”

So, what are silicone rings?

Silicone rings are the best alternative to traditional rings. The rings are made of soft, comfortable silicone rubber that is durable, non-conductive, and heat-resistant. The main reason why people love wearing silicone rings is that they allow to carry a symbol of commitment and love even in situations where wearing traditional rings isn’t ideal.



If you’re looking for an alternative for your rings, here are a few reasons why you should choose silicone wedding rings:

It is safer to use silicone rings

As much as we always want to wear our rings, there are some circumstances where having a traditional ring on your finger is not recommended, or even dangerous. The risk is exceptionally high for individuals who work in an environment that needs extreme sanitation, or when exposed to heavy machinery, or if involved in physical or manual labor. Silicone rings also remove the risk of conducting electricity, which can be a very dangerous factor if wearing metallic rings. Even caring for your newborn baby is certainly safer when wearing soft silicon rings, eluding the risk of wearing a sharp metal ring that may scratch your loved one.

Ring avulsion is also another serious problem you can avoid if you wear silicone rings.

You can have a custom silicone ring

Due to the wide range of colors and styles you can choose from, you can have the ring you want based on your taste, mood and outfit. Whether you want something for the gym and other athletic activities, or something more formal that matches your office clothes, there is a ring for you!

For those who are buying silicone rings as an alternative to their wedding rings, you can also choose designs that closely resemble a traditional ring. 

Keeps your precious jewelry protected

There’s a saying that goes, “beautiful hands are those that work.” However, if you’re wearing a gold ring, your jewelry might not stay as beautiful with all the work you’re doing. 

Scratches, dings, and minor damages might come to your precious jewelry. Frequent travelers, individuals who lead active lifestyles and those who do manual work have a high chance of damaging or worse losing their rings.

Having an alternative that is flexible, comfortable, durable, and more budget friendly compared to

a traditional ring, will give you a hassle-free mind whatever activity you’re doing.