Are Silicone Rings Safe?

The wedding ring you wear is an outward symbol of dedication, love, and devotion to a spouse. While metal varieties topped with diamonds have long been the style of choice, these days, couples can choose from a more versatile lineup of options made to match their lifestyle closely.

The popularity of silicone wedding rings is on the rise, and for a good reason. Choosing a silicone wedding band is an excellent choice for those who have a highly active lifestyle. A silicone wedding ring can also provide a safer alternative to metal bands for those whose work demands extensive hand use and movement.

A Safer Investment

Wearing a wedding ring is important to many couples, but skin sensitivities to certain metals can get in the way of embracing this type of symbolic gesture. Fortunately, there are other safer options out there.

Silicone wedding rings for men and silicone wedding rings for women provide a non-toxic alternative to metal bands that won’t leave any rashes or painful blemishes behind. That is a tremendous relief for couples when metal allergies are an issue.

Silicone Wedding Rings Won’t Lead to Injury

While silicone wedding rings are certainly durable, they can also tear away in the event of getting caught on machinery, unlike their metal counterparts. Metal wedding rings pose a threat to those who wear them around work that requires machinery or other devices where rings could easily get snagged.

Because metal rings don’t break, it’s more likely that finger bones will endure damage if a metal ring suddenly gets caught and pulled. Wearing a silicone ring is a safer option as the band will break away from the finger, leaving the body intact in the event of an unexpected accident.

Seamlessly Avoid Scratches

Silicone rings are an ideal solution for those who are frequently around infants and small children. They’re also a strategic option for those who work in medical care facilities and are in regular contact with patients.

What’s more, silicone is an excellent alternative to metal or diamonds. The latter options can easily be scratched or damaged while carrying out work responsibilities. Caregivers can avoid accidentally harming their jewelry or anyone they work with by swapping out metal rings for silicone bands. It’s a soft and gentle option that still looks great!

A Safe and Non-Conductive Ring Option

Many jobs require employees to work around electricity. Individuals in these roles will need to avoid metal rings at all costs as they risk conducting electricity and causing unintentional harm or worse.

In this case, switching out metal bands for silicone rings is a safe and stylish alternative to go for. The silicone rubber used to produce these rings can’t carry an electric current, allowing the wearer to perform their job with complete peace of mind safely. 

Find Your Silicone Ring with Rinfit

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