Our New Marquise Diamond Collection at Rinfit

Engagement and wedding rings are meaningful accessories that come with some hefty emotional attachments. For many women out there, a marquise diamond ring is the ultimate testament to style and beauty.

 Easy to recognize by their unique shape, marquise-cut diamonds set in metal bands are fan-favorites for many couples. With that being said, the cost and risk of losing such a precious jewelry item can be stressful. That’s what makes the new Marquise Diamond collection at Rinfit one-of-a-kind.

 A New Take on the Much-Loved Marquise Diamond

 The new Marquise Diamond collection at Rinfit pairs the striking beauty of this traditional diamond cut with the practicality, comfort, and safety of a silicone wedding ring! 

Available at a fraction of the price (but boasting just as much aesthetic value), the silicone wedding rings in our newest collection are designed to captivate the mind and imagination.


A Silicone Wedding Band that Pairs Superior Design and Style 

 While Rinfit is proud to carry a variety of silicone wedding rings for men, our newest Marquise Diamond collection elevates style standards for women at every turn. These silicone wedding rings for women come in a vast array of colors and finishes that customize the final look with ease.

 Each silicone wedding band in this collection is elegant and eye-catching. That’s true whether it’s purchased in red, rose, black, or with a silver finish.

 Our Marquise Diamond collection rings are available to customers in a wide array of sizes. They can be ordered individually or as a set.  

Marquise Diamond

 Silicone Wedding Rings at Competitive Prices

 Rinfit’s Marquise Diamond collection offers up an abundance of style options. These rings are also available at a price our customers can feel great about!

 At under $20 apiece, the Marquise Diamond silicone rings are great for those who are looking to mix and match ring styles daily. They can be paired with streetwear as easily as they can with formalwear or workout attire.

 Safe Rings that Look Great

 The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out in the world is misplacing or losing a wedding ring. This often happens when a metal band has to be removed in the name of safety.

 Purchasing a silicone ring from the Marquise Diamond collection eliminates this problem. Silicone rings break away if they get caught, reducing the risk of injury.

 They’re also incredibly durable, but their silicone fabrication means they won’t irritate the skin for those who suffer from metal allergies. The constructed diamond shape looks incredible and it even removes the risk of scratching anyone accidentally.

 Find a Fantastic Silicone Ring Today

At Rinfit, we carry diverse silicone rings designed to work for everyone. When you’re ready to swap out problematic and worrisome metal bands for the convenience of a silicone alternative, we’re here to help.

Take time to browse our impressive collection of options and enjoy the ring that works for you. Whether you’re looking through our men’s collection or our women’s collections, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you!