Where to Buy Silicone Rings


Silicone rings have, in recent years, undergone an increase in popularity. Part of the reason for this has to do with the number of things you can do with a silicone ring that you can’t do with a traditional wedding band.

Many people are wondering: where can I buy silicone rings? The answer is simple: right here at Rinfit. Here are eight reasons why Rinfit is your one-stop shop for quality silicone rings.

1. Find your size with ease.

You’re about to buy a silicone ring, either for yourself or for your loved one. Now the question begging to be answered: are you sure you know your ring size? You’d surely be discouraged if you received your awesome new silicone ring in the mail, only to realize that you’ve accidentally ordered the wrong size. Sure, maybe you already know your ring size, but can it hurt to check?
Rinfit offers ring sizing right on the website. With just a few minutes of your time, you can check your ring size and make sure you’re able to put your new silicone ring on your finger right out of the box.

2. Quality. Rinfit silicone rings are made from the best materials around. Comprised of medical-grade silicone, Rinfit silicone rings are safe and hypoallergenic. Just check with your doctor prior to purchase if you think you might have an allergy to silicone.

3. Speaking of safety, Rinfit silicone rings let you do a number of activities that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do while wearing a traditional wedding band. Worries like losing your ring down a dish drainer, burying it in the garden, and facing bodily emergencies like ring avulsion become a thing of the past with Rinfit silicone rings. Live your life on YOUR terms, without worrying that your cherished jewelry is going to be lost or damaged.

4. Rinfit knows you. We here at Rinfit live active lives. We play sports and we go to the gym. We understand the concerns you have about wearing your wedding bands in an active capacity. We’ve been there: should I take off my ring? Will I lose my ring while I’m running around in a field? Will it get damaged while I’m using fitness machines? Rinfit rings are designed with YOU and YOUR concerns in mind. As a result, Rinfit silicone rings are made of durable material that can survive even the toughest punishment.

5. Accessibility. Have a question about our silicone rings? Just send a quick message to us using our Contact Form for a quick and clear response. We’re just an email away.

6. Affordable. Misplace your ring? Did you leave it in a place that you were SURE that you weren’t going to lose it, only to find that you’ve lost it? We’ve all been there! Luckily, because silicone is a relatively inexpensive material, we’re able to offer our products at rock-bottom prices. Not to mention, most of our stock is usually one sale! We know you work hard for your money, which is why we’re committed to giving you top-quality jewelry for affordable prices.

7. Stylish. Are Rinfit silicone rings functional? Check. Are they affordable? Check. But are they stylish? You know they are. Rinfit rings are designed in multiple colors, so you’re going to find a color that represents you and the love you have for your spouse. Maybe your love is multifaceted and you want to wear rings based on your mood, or maybe you want to have a special Anniversary ring. Not to worry – Rinfit offers bundle packages for men and women alike, meaning you’ll have a ring for every mood and every day. Why go with one ring when your love for your partner, like a diamond, has multiple facets?

8. 30-Day return policy. Choose a Rinfit ring only to discover that you’re actually in love with another Rinfit ring? Not worries. Rinfit offers a simple and easy 30-day return policy that will make it easy for you to switch out your current ring for the Rinfit silicone ring that best suits your personality.

So when it comes to the question “where do I buy silicone rings”, the solution is simple. Rinfit silicone rings know you and we know your lifestyle. We’re interested in giving you silicone rings that are going to suit YOUR life and YOUR needs. Rinfit silicone rings are made from the highest quality materials for the lowest possible price, and they’re designed so that you can easily find a silicone ring that suits your individual style and personality.

So the next time a friend asks you ‘where do I buy silicone rings’, you know the answer. But why tell them when you can show them instead?

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