20 Ideas to Create the Perfect Proposal

Here it is, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. All around you’re seeing hearts and chocolates. You’re going to be seeing all sorts of couples out and about to celebrate this, the most romantic day of the year. Some enterprising fellas are going to capitalize on the romantic nature of the day by proposing. Are you?

Think about it. You’ve been together for a couple of years. You’ve wined. You’ve dined. Every time you see each other you learn something new, have a little bit more fun. You feel complete. More than complete. When you’re around that Special Someone, you feel like you’re outclassed, like every day is a new opportunity to impress. You’d travel to the corners of the earth with that person (and beyond).

You have your Rinfit silicone ring. You know you want to propose. You’re going to do it if it’s the last thing you do. Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to do it. This isn’t just anyone – this is your Special Someone! A high-class Special Someone needs a high-class proposal. Something that symbolizes all the fun you’ve had, all the fun you’re going to have, and will cement your romance into the pages of history for centuries to come.

How are you going to do it?

No sweat. We here at Rinfit are pros when it comes to romance. You need to think of a special proposal for your Special Someone? We have you covered. Here are 20 ways you can propose. Time to get inspired.

1. Make it a special place. Think about your relationship. Which places were special? Where did you first kiss? Where did ‘I love you’ first get said? Think about going back to these places. That’s right – if you want to dinner at Eau Du Fancy Restaurant, go right back there. Think back to your first date and replicate as much as you can. Did you hear a special song on the way? Pick up the CD and play it en route. Did you wear something special? Pull it out of the closet. Then once the romance is at an all-time peak, drop down on one knee and pop the question. If you’re really going for a gold star, have a “plant” in place. Your “plant” is a friend or photographer who is already at the restaurant and can take pictures of the special moment.

2. Does your Special Someone have a favorite song? Do you have a friend in a band (or knows where to get a good one?). You can already see where I’m going with this. Think about going to a Valentine’s Day concert and having the band dedicate the song to your Special Someone and then play it. While they’re playing, pop the question. Or, depending on the song, consider going to a public place (like a park) and having the band come out and play their song.

3. Big on theater? Head to a performance. Call ahead to see if you can grab the spotlight after the curtain call. For a little extra, see if you can get a message in the playbill beforehand. Chances are, your Special Someone will think the “big surprise” is the message in the playbill. Nah, that’s just a souvenir of the special day. The REAL surprise happens after the curtain closes.

4. Know a caricaturist nearby? Arrange for a special meeting. As you’re walking around this Valentine’s Day, “happen upon” the caricaturist. Make the whole thing seem natural – pay him for a picture. Pose like you normally would, but that’s all for show. What he’s really doing is drawing a picture of you proposing to your Special Someone. The “talking bubbles”, of course, read “Will you marry me?” and “yes!” respectively. Just make sure he gets the color of your Rinfit silicone ring right.

5. Is there an aquarium nearby? Maybe you can arrange a little “something” with the divers. Figure out when feeding time happens and then make sure that you’re around. Little does your unsuspecting Special Someone know, it’s not feeding time. What’s actually going to happen is a diver comes swimming up to the glass and holds up a (waterproof) sign that reads “Will you marry me?”. You’ll never look at aquariums the same way again.

6. How about a treasure hunt? Treasure hunts have been used for proposals since time immemorial. Here’s how it works. You do a bit of prepwork beforehand, going to all your favorite spots and leaving something for your Special Someone to find. Needless to say, the end of the hunt leads to a little box. What’s in that box? You guessed it. A silicone wedding ring.

7. Dancing? Everyone loves dancing, especially with a live DJ. You probably already know where this is going. With a little bit of palm greasing, you can get the mic from the DJ, dedicate a song to your Special Someone, and propose right there on the dance floor.

8. Taking a trip? While you’re on the way to your destination (surely somewhere romantic, like a beach in the tropics or a skiing trip to the Alps) jump on the loudspeaker and propose at 35K feet. Think about it, an airplane full of applauding people while your Special Someone comes running up the aisle to give you a hug (and say yes, of course). Just as a side note, you’re going to want to get the OK to do this from the flight attendants beforehand.

9. Speaking of beaches, how about a beach trip? Depending on your hemisphere (or if you’re really into cold weather) you could spend your Valentine’s Day at the beach. Here’s what you do. Go a safe distance from the water and build a castle. When your Special Someone isn’t looking, pop the silicone ring into the highest tower. Wait until it gets noticed, and voila! What’s a better metaphor for your love than the vast, deep ocean?

10. Have a party. Here’s what you do. Pull together a collection of your best family and friends. Make out T-shirts with letters on them. Then, at the peak of the party, suggest that your Special Someone take a group photo of you. Needless to say, you and your friends already know how to arrange yourselves so when your Special Someone looks closely at the T-shirts, it’ll be clear as day (you might have to tweak the proposal depending on how many friends you have, for example, if you have a lot of friends you can spell out WILL YOU MARRY ME, whereas if you have fewer friends, you might just stick to MARRY ME).

11. Want to end your Valentine’s Day in style? Buy a pack of those glow-in-the-dark stars that kids stick to their ceilings. Spell out ‘marry me’ and then show your Special Someone the best Valentine’s Day ever. When you get back and into the bedroom, turn off the lights and then it’ll be a matter of time before your Special Someone is (literally) seeing stars.

12. You’ve probably seen those movies where the wife, frazzled from a long day of work, comes home to find a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom (or the bathroom. Either way, there are usually a lot of candles involved). Try this with your marriage proposal, only instead of sitting in a tub wearing nothing but suds, sit in the tub wearing nothing but suds and holding out a silicone wedding band. Just make sure to dry off before you get down on one knee.

13. In the same vein, buy a bunch of balloons and fill them up with helium (you’ll want helium instead of oxygen because the balloons will float better). Next, tie strings to the balloons and notes to the strings. These notes can be anything you want, but ideally you’re going to want to reference memorable points from your relationship. Arrange the balloons through the house so it creates a trail all leading to the last balloon. And what’s hanging from the last balloon? You guessed it – a nifty new silicone wedding band.

14. Staying in for Valentine’s Day? That can work too. Play a game of scrabble but make sure you have the letters M, A, R, R, Y, M, and E beforehand. Play like normal until you find an opportunity to place the letters. When you have an in, distract your Special Someone and place the letters that you palmed beforehand. When your partner looks back at the board, make it clear that this is more than a board game – drop to one knee and pop the question.

Another way you could do this? Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made. You can do this one of two ways. One, you can have the picture made with the words WILL YOU MARRY ME already printed. The other way? Make the puzzle a picture something sentimental (such as a picture of the two of you). On the back, either print or write your marriage proposal. Wait until the puzzle is finished and then turn it over.

15. Big on phones? Have a friend take pictures of you – one with a sign reading “Will”, one with a sign reading “You”, one with a sign reading “Marry” and one with a sign reading “Me”. Arrange to meet somewhere and when your Special Someone arrives, text him or her the photos in order. Once the last photo has gone through, make your grand appearance and wait for the fireworks to start.

16. Eating out? Get in touch with the restaurant beforehand and see if you can make the box containing your silicone ring one of the options on the dessert tray.


17. Has it snowed recently? For Valentine’s Day, offer to clean the snow from your Special Someone’s car. Instead, carve “MARRY ME” into the snow, wait until they see it, and then make your entrance. You could also do this by writing the proposal backwards into the rear windshield so when your Special Someone looks in the rearview, s/he will be able to read it.

18. Are you on good terms with your Special Someone’s coworkers? Here’s what you do. Arrange for them to stage a “meeting” at the very end of the day (say, fifteen minutes before quitting time). Imagine your Special Someone’s surprise when instead of another boring meeting, YOU show up, dropping onto one knee and whisking him or her away. This works especially well if you stage the “meeting” on a Friday, which will create an amazing start to the weekend.

19. Arrange a meeting at a park (or other public venue). Be sure to arrive separately. Meanwhile, have five of your friends be in wait reading newspapers. On the backs of each newspaper, write [Special Someone’s Name], WILL, YOU, MARRY, and ME? Then, when your Special Someone arrives, have your friends open up the newspapers and wait for him/her to see the name and catch on. Just make sure you’re hiding somewhere nearby (just don’t let yourself be seen prematurely!).

20. Going for the traditional route? Buy a cute stuffed animal for your Special Someone – a teddy bear or, if your Special Someone has a preferred animal – and present it on Valentine’s Day (luckily, you can do this just about anywhere). And of course, what’s that tied around the stuffed animal’s neck? You know it – a brand new silicone wedding band.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can incorporate for your Valentine’s Day activities. There are literally hundreds of variants, and of course, you’re going to want something unique and customized to your own relationship.

Do you have any ideas that aren’t listed here? Are you going to be proposing this Valentine’s Day? What’s the best proposal story you’ve ever heard? Let us know down in the comments and have a happy Valentine’s Day!