Valentine's Day

BLURB: Working in the jewelry business means that we specialize in more than just selling high-quality silicone wedding rings. Our customers range from people wanting to play sports without worrying about losing their wedding band, to people on the cusp of proposing. In short, we know romance. Are you at a loss for what to do on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry – we have you covered. Here’s a list of nine things you can do this coming Valentine’s Day that is sure to light up the romance in your relationship.

Valentine’s Day. If there’s one thing we understand as a jewelry company, it’s that Valentine’s Day is the day romance comes alive. Your choice of activities on Valentine’s Day make all the difference because isn’t that what life is all about – doing the things you love, with people you love?

Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day dates that will ensure that you’re making the most of your time together. Whether you’re celebrating your six-month anniversary with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your twentieth Valentine’s Day together with your spouse, these nine ideas are sure to inspire you to new romantic heights this coming February 14th.

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1. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Go Dancing.

No, we’re not talking about going down to the nightclub with the flashing lights and bright colors and sweaty strangers all around, we’re talking classy. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The easiest way would be to go on a date to a dance class – think Ballroom dancing or Salsa dancing. Getting up and dancing is a surefire way to make sure you’re having a blast. Not only that but it gives you an excuse to get out of the house, and you’ll meet new people. So not only will you be having a great time on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be broadening your social network too.
Thinking of having a romantic night in on Valentine’s Day? Take a dance class before the big night and then surprise your date. Come Valentine’s Day, sit down at the table with your Special Someone, have yourself a good meal and wine over candlelight, and then ballroom dance around the kitchen to some classy music with him/her.

2. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Skating

Check out the skating rink or the roller rink. Pretty much anything that lets you stick a pair of shoes on your feet and glide around a rink is going to be a big hit. Plus, if you’re doing this on Valentine’s Day, you know the organizers are going to have some good ideas in mind – they’re going to turn down the lights, drop the disco ball, and play a few ballads to make sure you and your sweetheart get close.

3. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Wine Tasting.

Chances are, you’re going to be able to find a wine tasting event somewhere nearby on Valentine’s Day. Doing something like this has the same benefits as dancing – you’ll get out of the house and meet new people at the same time. Or, if you’d prefer a more non-structured approach, invent your own wine-tasting pub crawl. Travel the city, stopping at your favorite bars and taverns and ordering a glass or two of wine at each one before moving on to the next. Just make sure you play it safe – get a designated driver or take a cab home!

4. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Karaoke.

Chances are, one of the bars nearby will have karaoke going for Valentine’s Day. If you’re a stellar singer, karaoke is a great way to showcase your talents. Not a great singer? Oh well, karaoke bars are a judgment-free zone. Either way, hopping on stage in front of a crowd of people is an awesome way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get the adrenaline pumping.

5. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Revisit your first date.

This one is gold for the more nostalgia-minded couples. What you do is think back to the first date you ever had. Where did you go? What did you do? Did you see a movie? Go to dinner? Go to that place and relive your first date. If you ordered a large popcorn and soda at the movie theater, order a large popcorn and soda. Did you show up underdressed at a classy restaurant? Go to that classy restaurant underdressed. In other words, replicate every detail you can think of and relive your first date. In the meanwhile, you’ll reflect on all the great times you’ve had between then and now and realize a fresh new love for one another.

6. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Check out a standup comedian.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so what do you think is the cure for a bland Valentine’s Day? You got it – laughter. Head down to the local improv studio with your date. Laugh, and laugh heartily. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re spending it with the love of your life! Smile! Love life!

7. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Spend the day at a spa.

How better to express your love for that Special Someone than by taking a break from life and indulging in some hard-earned pampering? Relax in some steam rooms, get a massage, meditate – whatever helps the stress to melt away. The best part? Getting a massage means you’ll get a whole bunch of new ideas to try. You know, in the bedroom. After the kids go to bed. Hint, hint.


8. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Give that Special Someone a “day just for you”.

This works well for men and women alike. In short, make sure your Special Someone is doing whatever he or she wants to be doing, while you do the heavy lifting. Does your Special Someone usually handle cleaning the house? You clean it. How about dinner? If your Special Someone usually takes care of the kitchen work, send them into the living room while you take care of the cooking. This can encompass some other favors, too. Candlelight massage, anyone?

9. Valentine’s Day Ideas: Pop the question.

Okay, this one is geared more toward unmarried guys, and you should probably think this over before jumping into it, but Valentine’s Day is a great day to pop the question. Cheesy? Maybe. But people love the cheesiness, and you should be doing the things people love you to do. Aim for something theatrical, too. For example, pick up one of our Women’s pink Infinity silicone wedding rings and then put together a video of yourself talking about all the things you love about her. Show her the video. At the end, she’ll probably give you a hug and a kiss, and tell you she loves it. Mention that you’re thinking of playing it at your wedding. This will take her by surprise and while she’s reeling, drop to one knee, pull out the silicone ring, and – well, you can probably figure out the rest.
You get the idea by now. Sitting on the front of the television, watching repeats on Netflix and eating leftover Chinese? No Bueno. This Valentine’s Day, get out of the house. Try something new, or something you’re otherwise scared to do. Make this the best Valentine’s Day ever.
Have other ideas? Let us know in the comments!