Fun Facts About Proposal and Wedding Rings

Almost every girl has pictured her proposal so many times – the love of her life, sparkling moment, favorite music. Every detail is essential, but that tiny, shiny piece of art, the ring, will have a massive value for the future bride. But do you know the secret history of this important life event? 


Initially, the engagement ring didn't have diamonds. They gained popularity in the late 1940s, but today, it seems that millennials prefer other types of rings, not the ones with diamonds.


The Story Behind the Engagement Ring


Some people say that it all started with Ancient Egyptians. They believed there is a connection between the finger on which spouses wear the rings, and the heart. The first documented data of engagement rings come from the 15th century when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a golden ring. 

The Most Popular Month for Engagements

Maybe you think it's February and Valentine's Day? Actually, it is December, and it makes perfect sense. The whole magical atmosphere around Christmas and New Year's Eve, family and friends gathered, make people think about taking next life steps and making big plans. 

a man holds a girl by the hand on which is an engagement ring


The Most Expensive Ring 


This "big rock" was sold in 2013. The name is Blue Diamond Ring, and the price tag is $9,49 million. We are sure she said “yes” to the ring!


Success Rate 


Statistics show that less than half of the women who got proposed like their engagement ring. So, this is the message for all men planning to pop up the question – work harder to know what your future spouse will like. 


Also, it is crucial to choose the correct ring size. HERE you will find some interesting examples of how you can select the best option. 


The Rules Are Changing


Historically, choosing the ring was man's decision. It was assumed that he knew his future wife well enough to know what she would like. Surprise factor was also important. Everything was supposed to remain a secret for the girl until the man popped the question. 


Today, a large percentage of girls are also involved in choosing their engagement ring. After all, they are the ones wearing it.


a man puts a wedding ring on a girl's hand


Wedding Bands Weren't Always Made with Precious Metals


The first evidence of wedding rings can be found in Ancient Egypt. But they weren't originally made from gold, silver, or some other precious metal. Egyptians made rings from braided hemp or other reeds. 



For Today's Wedding Rings You Can Use Any Material


Some couples never remove their wedding rings. Others wear them on chains as a pendant or take them off every time they wash the dishes, go swimming, to work, or while working in the garden. And that's because they are afraid of damaging the metal or the precious stone that adorns it. 


But fortunately, nowadays, engagement and wedding rings can be made from other materials like silicone. Yes, that is possible! Silicon rings look amazing. They come in many different colors and shapes. They are durable, comfortable, safe but stylish, and unique pieces of jewelry.



The Meaning of The Circle 


The circle is unbreakable, and it is the symbol of an eternal bond. It means the connection between the couple will last forever. The ring indicates the joining of two families, and it was meant to be never-ending.


What was your choice for proposal or wedding ring? Do you wear it every day?