Knowing the Difference between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Feeling overwhelmed at the various rings swimming in the Internet and jewelry shops? And most of all you have no clue what’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

To make it simple for you, the main difference between these two types of rings is the occurrence in which the ring is given!

An engagement ring is given during the proposal or when you decide with your lover to get married. On the other hand, a wedding ring symbolizes a couple’s official bond of marriage and is given during the wedding ceremony. Couples often choose to wear both rings together to symbolize their love and commitment to each other.

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be anything simple or fancy: it all depends on your partner’s preference and comfort. Partners often want to show off their ring finger in an unspoken form of saying “Hey I’m engaged!” So, it’s really important to consider the style your partner wants to symbolize the love and commitment you guys have for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions: Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings

How do you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring?

There’s no specific rules for wearing the rings but most people wear their wedding ring on their left-hand ring finger which is closest to their heart and next to it is their engagement ring.

But if you’re the type to break traditions, you can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring in any finger you want. After all, no one is stopping you and your partner!

Do you have to wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together?

There’s also a lot of couples that wear their wedding and engagement ring on the same finger, typically the wedding ring is closer to the heart. Some people also choose to wear their wedding rings on separate fingers or just only wear one of the rings.

In short, it is completely up to you and your partner in how you choose to wear these important rings!

One last thing,  the engagement ring symbolizes your engagement and the wedding ring

Are there any ring alternatives for my engagement rings/wedding rings?

I know most of you guys want to preserve your symbol of marriage by not damaging it as much as possible. That’s why silicone rings are the perfect alternative made to fit your lifestyle when you and your partner are engaging in extreme activities.

From going to the gym to being a fireman saving the lives of others, silicone rings are made to bend along with your skin when extreme exertion is met.

Unlike metal rings, it will most likely lead to being damaged plus it can lead to an injury called ring avulsion. With silicone rings, it can break with extreme force but it won’t cause you a finger at all.

Silicones rings are durable and will last you long plus you’ll still get to keep your symbol of marriage everywhere you go. You can check out some of our best sellers here to find out the perfect alternative ring for you!