What Is Ring Avulsion and How Do You Avoid It

Ring avulsion happens when a ring on one of your fingers gets suddenly yanked. It usually occurs when the ring is caught on an object while performing laborious activities with your hands. Since the yanking motion is swift, your finger tissues, flesh, muscles, tendons, and even bones can get ripped off.

It is such an unpleasant injury from something as meaningful and beautiful as your wedding ring.

Anybody Can Get Ring Avulsion

In most cases, traditional rings are the causes of ring avulsion, since its material is from hard, precious metals. When it gets caught and yanked, it rarely bends and breaks, causing damage to your fingers.

The risk of having ring avulsion is higher primarily when you work with heavy machinery and when doing something physical using your hands. This ring injury is the reason why most fitness enthusiasts, athletes, mechanics, construction workers, policemen, firefighters, fishermen, surgeons and much more are switching to silicone rings.

However, just because your daily activity routine is not laborious, doesn't mean you're safe from this injury. Any object big enough to catch your ring such as fences, wires, and ropes while falling is a danger to you.

Furniture, heavy household appliances, and even sharp table corners may also catch your ring and cause it to pull your jewelry off.

You might think ring avulsion happening in your house sounds too far-fetched and impossible. While it is not common, it can still happen to you. "The Tonight's Show" host Jimmy Fallon had reportedly got his wedding ring caught on a table corner when he fell in 2015. Doctors had to attend to Fallon's injured finger for more than six hours. They also had his finger put in a cast for weeks.

As the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry."

How To Avoid Ring Avulsion?

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring

Shift To Using Silicone Rings

The most practical way to prevent this injury is by removing your wedding ring. You can leave your wedding band in a safe place when going to the gym, working with heavy machinery, or when going out on adventurous trips.

But, here at Rinfit, we do understand that you'd still want to wear a symbol of your loving marriage all the time. That's why we suggest you use silicone rings.

Silicone wedding rings are flexible and, therefore, will not rip off any part of your finger should it get caught in any object. Although they are durable on regular use and will last you long, silicone bands can break during accidents and will not cause ring avulsion.

Silicone bands are also low profile. Traditional rings commonly have diamonds and other precious stones which can get caught in objects easily. In contrast, silicone wedding rings do not have any object attached to it and are mostly flat and sit close to your finger.


Get Your Proper Ring Size

Proper ring size will secure your jewelry and make it snug in your fingers. When rings appropriately fit you, it doesn't have space in your finger to get caught by any object. You can check out this ring sizing guide to help you pick the proper size.