MOM APPROVED: How Rinfit Makes Motherhood Easier

Being a mom is a tough job. Anyone who says that being a mom is easy because you’re just sitting at home all day is only saying that because they have zero concept of parenthood.

No, you’re deep in the trenches: digging your way through dirty diapers and piles of Play-doh, fishing plastic cars out of the toilet, scrubbing Crayon artwork off the walls, attempting to make sure more food goes in your child’s mouth than on the highchair/floor/down your shirt – and you’re expected to do all of this while maintaining your sanity. Yeah, it’s a fulfilling job, but it’s an exhausting one.

You want something to make your life easier (maybe “less stressful” would be a better way of phrasing that). So you buy a minivan with one of those televisions in the back to keep the kiddos occupied, rather than screaming/fighting/attempting to get out of their car seat and, presumably, climb out the window. You hire a babysitter just so you and the hubby can get out once a month and remind yourselves that yes, there IS a world outside of parenting. You get yourself a Rinfit silicone ring.

Wait, what was that last one? You get a silicone ring? How can that make things easier?

It may seem like a small deal, but the impact can be huge. Consider this your “life hack” of the week, especially if you’re currently trying to raise a child or you’re getting ready to do so.

Here’s the thing about pregnancy: your belly swells. You know what else swells? Your arms. Your legs. Your wrists. Your ankles. Your appetite for pickles-and-green-apple salad. Your fingers.

The simple solution is to take off your wedding ring, right? That way you’re keeping Grandma Josephine’s ring safe and sound, and sparing yourself the nights of staying up for hours lathering your fingers with dish soap and trying to pry it off your finger. But you notice when you take it off, you feel incomplete. Your ring feels like an extension of your body and removing it leaves you feeling like you’re “missing” something.

While taking off your ring might be the simple solution, going with a silicone ring is the smarter one. Silicone expands, whereas traditional wedding rings don’t. This means when your fingers start to become less slender and dainty than usual, your silicone ring is up to the task.

Then you take into account the “substances” involved with parenthood. If you’ve had a child, you know what we’re talking about. Play-doh. Glue. Dirt. Marker. Diaper cream. Baby powder. Any combination of the above, turned into a globby, sticky paste that – needless to say – gets caught in your wedding ring. When this happens, you’re left with two options: you can either leave it as-is and risk scratching or tarnishing your ring forever, or you can try to wash it off – which inevitably leads to thirty trips to the bathroom and you using enough soap to clean a whale.

Not to mention, you run the risk of scratching your baby while changing his/her diaper or just while playing. You’ll know it when it happens. Babies tend to be pretty straightforward when you do something they dislike – such as poke them in the butt with a diamond.

Silicone rings solve all of these problems. Do they still get messy with crap (literally or figuratively)? Sure, but they’re ten times easier to clean because they don’t have those teeny-tiny nooks and crannies to crap debris. Plus they’re low profile and soft, meaning you can interact with your baby without having to worry about causing any injuries.

Motherhood is hard enough as it is. You need as many life hacks as you can get your hands on – or, in this case, as many life hacks as you can get on your hand. Take a few minutes and invest in a silicone ring for yourself (or if you’re the father, buy one for mom. Trust us, she’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine). You have your hands full with your new bundle of joy – you need whatever advantages you can get.

Take a few minutes and check out Rinfit’s product line here.