What Is The Purpose of A Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings have always been part of a wedding tradition in modern times. In most couples, these are mostly the first gift they give to their partner before starting their life together. It marks a promise of love and commitment to the love of your life.

Exchanging rings can be seen in most modern weddings and is part of every wedding ceremony where couples give rings to each other. This act shows how wedding rings are ingrained into our society and are of high importance. Some couples even go out of their way and purchase expensive rings as they believe that the value of a ring symbolizes the love you have for your partner.

However, in older times, the wedding ring tradition isn’t the same as we have today.

Egypt Recorded The First Giving Of Rings

As suggested by studies, around 6000 years ago, Egyptians had the tradition of giving rings to women. Most of the materials used back then were soft. Rings are usually from hemp or reeds fashioned in a round shape, which symbolizes eternity as circles have no end.

As tools improved over the years, the Egyptians started crafting more durable rings. They started using ivory, bones, and leather. With these materials, rings lasted longer and became more expensive, which started the association of wedding ring prices to the level of love and commitment of couples.

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Why Are Rings Worn On The Left Hand?

Arguably, the tradition of placing wedding rings on the left finger started from Rome. Many Romans believed that the fourth finger from the thumb has a vein that directly connects to the heart. Though several scientific studies disprove this myth, many people today still think it is so.

This popular belief is also the reason why we call it the ring finger.

How We View Wedding Rings Today

Popular belief dictates that wedding rings symbolize the commitment that you and your partner have with each other. During weddings, ministers lead couples into their vows before the couple gives rings. In a way, it seals the promise they just made with each other in front of their family and friends.

Wherever you go, it will always remind you of the love you have. It is also a declaration to the world that you are in a committed marriage. Publicly wearing your wedding ring also signifies that your covenant with your partner goes beyond between the two of you. It extends to the outer world and shows that you are not open to any physical or emotional entanglements with other people.

Traditionally, only women wear wedding rings signifying that they are already committed to someone. This tradition is also true in the U.S. but has changed during World War II. Soldiers, mostly men, wear their wedding bands to remember their partner waiting for them back home.

The practice of men wearing wedding rings have then spread to civilians and have since become normal that wedding rings always come in pairs.

Due to the popularity of wedding rings, there are several materials used to create them. Typical metals used are silver and gold. However, silicone rings have also come into the market and stayed. This new material is perfect for individuals and couples who work with their hands, are working in clean places, and lead active lives.