Wedding Planning – Step by Step Guide

For many couples, proposal is the most romantic and most important milestone in the relationship. But shortly after that, you get to start planning the next most beautiful event, your wedding day. As amazing as it may be, you may also find it a bit stressful, complicated, or overwhelming. Just like with any other event, preparation is key!

Visualize Your Special Day

After the proposal, take some time to daydream. Even if you have already discussed the kind of wedding you want with your partner, let your mind run free and visualise your special day. 

Which elements do you want to incorporate, what kind of decor? Do you want a traditional wedding or a modern one? Do you want it to be large or small? On the beach, in your backyard, or a luxurious restaurant? Or maybe you dream of having a themed wedding based on your favorite movie or book? There are plenty of options. 

Sounds overwhelming? Don't panic. Take a deep breath. You don't need to decide right away. Enjoy the daydream instead. You must start from somewhere, so let your imagination run, take a piece of paper, and start writing down notes and ideas. 

Maybe you can start with these essential things: location, food, colors, theme, activities, music, your wedding clothes, wedding rings

the inscription wedding on the signpost on the stone wall

Set The Budget

On the one hand, you should dream and let your imagination lead you, but on the other hand, you need to be a bit realistic and know your budget. That can be stressful sometimes but don't worry. You can also be creative on a lower budget.

Discuss with your partner if your parents will help with the costs. Do you have friends who are musicians or photographers? Or maybe your friend can make you your dream wedding dress as a wedding gift?

Also, look at your savings. How much money do you have aside? Or you can start saving now - reduce your monthly expenses (cancel some services that are not necessary, stop splurging on unnecessary items, eat at home more often etc.).

Couples make plans for their wedding months in advance, so maybe you can start saving more during that period.

And don't worry if your budget is tight. You can find many creative and affordable ways to make your special day unforgettable. 

Ask For Help

If you feel overwhelmed, ask a friend for advice and help, especially if they already have that kind of experience. Your family also will be glad to help, but it is important not to lean on a single person too much. 

If you have enough budget, you can hire a wedding planner or search for exciting ideas on the internet and in wedding magazines. You can also find wedding planners on social media and follow them for valuable and inspirational advice. 

writing it down to a list in a notebook

Make a Guest List 

Sit down with your partner one weekend or on another day when you are relaxed and don't have other demands. To avoid stress as much as possible, you might start making the guest list on time. Write down the names, then let it sit for a few days and review it a few more times so you won't forget anybody. 

Your family can help you list all relatives, and you can add your closest friends and colleagues. Also, try to keep the number reasonable and in line with your vision and budget constraints.

A good tip is to have two lists. One for the people you want to attend your wedding, and another list with people you would like to share your day with but if they couldn't attend, it wouldn't devastate you. 

wedding invitations

Choose Your Wedding Invitations

You can hire someone to design your wedding invitations, but nowadays, with free online programs, you can easily create your authentic wedding invitation on your own. You can add an image of you two, choose other symbols, colors, and fonts you prefer, and make it unique. 

Figure Out What You're Going to Wear

Choosing the appropriate and ideal outfit also depends on the location and wedding theme you will choose. Will it be a classic wedding dress and suit? Or do you prefer a more relaxed and casual outfit? Fancy shoes, or something comfier? You may also prefer to prepare two outfits – one for the photographs and the ceremony and one for the party afterwards.

Choose The Wedding Bands

Also, don't forget the most important thing - wedding rings! It is essential to choose the right size because you will wear it every day. We know that purchasing the rings can be very expensive, so you can select more affordable option, which is also really modern, stylish and durable.

Try a silicone ring! It comes in many different colors, sizes and styles so it will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Don't Forget These Important Things

The list may seem endless but take it easy. Put in your wedding planner your thoughts about food. Make sure that you have various dishes so that all guests can find something they’ll like – especially vegetarians, or if you know someone is intolerant to some ingredients. Also, you need to choose your wedding cake. 

Think about the decoration, flowers, and balloons when you decide about the place. Be sure you book a photographer and someone who will record the wedding and all-important moments of that day. Also, you need to choose the musician or DJ, depending on what you prefer, and don't forget to make a list of your favourite songs and choose the song for the first dance. 

wedding flower decoration

Relax And Enjoy

After all these plans, lists, and decisions you need to think of, make sure you have at least a few days before the wedding to relax and prepare for that big day. If you are stressed during all the preparations, feeling worried and afraid not to forget something, you will end up exhausted on that day. 

Don't forget that it is your special day! Sure, it is important that people at your wedding feel great and have fun, but you need to enjoy it the most because you and your partner are the main characters!

What is your experience with making wedding plans? Could you share with us some useful tips?