Wedding Traditions Around the World

Couples worldwide show and celebrate their love in many ways, but wedding traditions can vary immensely depending on the country and culture. It is incredible how the same event can be so different in other parts of the world. Here are some examples of beautiful wedding traditions you can find worldwide. 


If you are attending a wedding in another country or marrying someone from another culture, you may find some wedding customs quite surprising.


Love is a universal language, but people show it in many ways across the globe. For example, in Mexico, the celebration lasts for an entire week, and way across the globe, in China, brides cry for months after the big day. 


Here is the list of some interesting and unusual wedding traditions. Let us take you on a tour!


wedding cake with whipped cream and cherries

Pastries Instead of a Wedding Cake


Instead of having a giant, delicious and creamy wedding cake, in France they serve a Croquembouche. This dessert is made from small pastry balls placed one on top of the other, forming something like a cake pyramid. We knew that French people are famous for their incredible pastries, but for sure we couldn’t imagine that they use it as a wedding cake as well.


Something Old, Something New


This tradition has its roots in the UK. It means that the bride must wear something old that will represent the past and something new for the future on the day of the wedding. She also needs to have something borrowed like a symbol of happiness given to the bride by her future husband, and finally something blue for protection from the evil spirits. 


Do You Want to Dance with the Bride? You`ll Need to Pay for It


That unusual custom comes from Cuba. It is customary for guests to dance with the bride in many cultures. In Cuba also, but with one important difference – there is a price for it! 


Every guest who wants to dance with the bride needs to pin the money on her wedding dress. This practice helps the happy couple pay for the wedding or honeymoon. 


Crying Ritual


We all have cried at a wedding at least once in our life. But in some parts of China, a bride is required to cry. That ritual came from China`s Warring States era when the mother of Zhao princess broke down in tears at her wedding. 


a bride with hands decorated with henna

Inked Hands


In India, there is a beautiful custom that implies using henna to design unique ornaments on the bride’s hands, which look chic and beautiful.


Sweet Confetti


Almost everybody knows the custom of showering the couple with flower petals, but this custom is brought to another level in Italy. Instead of flowers, they use colorful candy almonds. There is a belief that almonds bring happiness, health, wealth, fertility, and longevity. 



a bride with a flower crown on her head

Crowns Made from Flowers

A wreath made of myrtle is a symbol of love, and it is part of Swedish traditional wedding customs. Also, it can often be seen in the bride’s bouquet. 

Seeking Love in the Cake

In many cultures, the bride throws a wedding bouquet, but in Peru, this custom is a bit sweeter. At a Peruvian wedding, you will find a unique wedding cake with ribbons hanging around the sides. Each ribbon is attached to a charm inside the cake, but one special ribbon is attached to a wedding ring replica. The girl who gets that piece of cake will be, according to a popular Peruvian belief, the next one to get married. And if you’re also planning on putting your wedding band in a cake, glass of champagne, or something else, may we suggest using silicone wedding rings?