How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Year after year the world is becoming more conscious of the ecology and environmental impact of everything that we do. More and more people are choosing sustainable clothes, cosmetics, food, homes, but also other things. So, it is no wonder that sustainable weddings are becoming more popular.

Not only that an eco-wedding is good for the environment and your conscience, it can also be more affordable. You don’t even have to go all in, you can just pick some of the aspects of your wedding to be eco-friendly. Find some Mother Earth friendly inspiration below!

Choose Sustainable or Virtual Invitations

Instead of wasting a lot of money on designing and printing invitations, think about doing something simpler. Choose invitations from recycled paper, or even better, find an online design and send virtual invitations.

Sustainable Decoration

Flowers are one of the most important parts of the wedding decoration. You can choose dried flowers, or if you prefer fresh bouquets, then reuse floral arrangements from your ceremony for the reception as well.

Also, if you choose fresh flowers, donate them after your big day rather than throwing everything in the garbage.

Instead of flowers you can also use other eco-friendly decoration like wooden signs, candles, greenery, pampas grass and leaves, the options are endless. Just make sure to avoid balloons or floating lanterns that can be a fire hazard. The only thing that should be on fire at your wedding is the beauty of the bride :)

red rose petals

Biodegradable Leaf Cuttings

If you are a fan of confetti, think about using an eco-friendly version. Lovely confetti can be made out of leaf cuttings, and you can make it on your own very easily. You will only need a hole puncher for paper and some cute leaves. If you can find leaves in different colors, it will look even better (think of a fall wedding!)

Some other sustainable options instead of confetti are flower petals, lavender, and birdseed.

Wear a Sustainable Wedding Dress

After buying a ring, one of the very important choices is selection of a wedding dress. Choose natural materials such as silk, viscose, linen...Also, you can rent a dress instead of buying it. Some brides choose a fun style that doesn't look so elegant and can be worn again. Choose eco-conscious designers and brands with sustainable production.

ceramic plates and dishes in pink and green

Avoid Single-Use Dishes

While it may seem easier to use single-use plates, napkins, glasses, or utensils, these cause extra waste. You can rent dishware and glassware instead and save money in the process.

Think About Offering a Vegan or Vegetarian Menu

Many people already do offer a vegan/vegetarian option at their weddings, for their guests that prefer this lifestyle. But maybe you can go full vegan/vegetarian at your wedding? This may sound limiting, but if you do a little bit of research, you can find ideas for some amazing plant-based dishes that everyone will love.

Donate the Leftover Food

After every wedding, there is a lot of leftover food. Instead of throwing it away, find a way to donate it or if there isn’t too much food, share it with friends and family.

If you want to avoid food waste, then skip buffets. It may seem like an easy choice that gives your guests a chance to choose amongst a lot of options, but if you serve plated meals, you will make sure that you have just enough food for the guests that will attend your wedding. And it’s more sanitary!

newlyweds at the top of the hill

Choose The Wedding Location Wisely

Choose a location that requires the fewest car or plane journeys. Think about getting married in nature and having a simpler event.

Shop Local

Ask the people who are helping you with the wedding to shop local - for food, decorations, everything you need. That way you will support a small local business.

Would you like to have a sustainable wedding?