What is Micro Wedding and Why You Should Have One?

Many segments of our lives after the Covid-19 now look different. During the past two years, many couples who have planned the wedding needed to cancel it or to postpone the event. Newly engaged have been wondering, if they will ever be able to have the wedding they had dreamed of. Until the world gets back to the pre pandemic state, if you are planning the wedding, you might want to think about a micro wedding.

How Does the Micro Wedding Look Like?

Micro wedding is, in the first place, an adjustment in the wedding industry that took place during and after the pandemic. Also, if you never dreamed of a big wedding with huge crowds, and you prefer something more intimate and special, then micro wedding is an ideal solution for you.

For respecting social distancing, and for being so affordable, we are expecting micro weddings to become a very popular trend in the next few years. In short, a micro wedding is an event with no more than 20 guests, just with your closest friends and family.

micro wedding party

How to Organize a Micro Wedding?

One of the trickiest parts of planning a micro wedding is the guest list. It is going to be a very exclusive event, so you need to be very strict and to make a list consisting of only the closest and dearest ones.

Maybe you have dreamed of a big celebration with all your friends and relatives, but your VIP guest list will not only reduce the costs, but it will also make your event even more special.

When it comes to planning the menu for a small group of people, you can get creative. You can turn to a local small business to provide the food and drinks for your special day. You can plan the luncheon at your favourite restaurant or prepare a barbecue or even just finger foods, depending on the location.

When it comes to cake, it may seem too expensive to splurge on a traditional wedding cake for a small group of guests. Instead, you can be creative and serve small desserts like cupcakes of cake pops and arrange them unconventionally, with your favourite details.

Can You Experiment with the Tradition?

Micro weddings are the perfect occasion to let the ceremony reflect who you are. If you and your partner are not the traditional types, you can consider a themed wedding so you and your guests can dress according to the theme, for example, based on your favourite book or movie set.

On the other hand, if you are dreaming of a long puffy wedding dress and a traditional black-tie dress code, you don’t need to abandon your dream because your guest list is small. It is your special day, and you deserve it to be the way you pictured it.

ceremoniously set wedding table

How to Decide on Non-Essential Stuff?

Guest favours or table decoration can be DIY, or even your friends can help you with that. You can add a personal touch to your special day by doing so.

When you are planning a micro wedding, you can cut off all unnecessary costs like a professional photographer (if you have a friend or relative that can help you with a pro camera, that would be great), or you don’t have to hire a band - you can just have a larger speaker and still have a lot of fun and a great celebration.

outdoor wedding chairs

How to Find a Perfect Place?

If you or your family have a family house with a big garden, consider organising the wedding at home. Small wedding ceremony means that you can be even more flexible, because you don’t need to worry about the capacity of the venue. A big balcony, a park where you can have a picnic lunch or a romantic tropical beach, these are all the places where you can be even more relaxed and have fun without worrying about logistics.

How was your wedding? Or if you are just planning the big day, would you consider having a micro wedding?